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What We Do


  • You will perform exercises on 5-8 machines
  • The intensity selected is 85% of your 1 rep maximum
  • You will be on each machine between 60 and 120 seconds
  • You will complete 1 set until failure
  • All this results in a workout that is 30 minutes or less

We use a Progressive Resistance Strength Training Protocol. Strength training is serious business and we treat it as such.

The Strength Training DC protocol is based on scientific evidence and the laws of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. The movements done here are controlled and in accordance with muscle and joint function.

We use frictionless equipment that is retrofitted to mirror your body’s natural strength curves and allows for our protocol.

We choose to lift heavy weights, regardless of age and strength training experience. The weights selected will bring you to failure between 60 to 120 seconds. We move the weights super slow. We do this because it is Undeniably Safer on the muscle and joint tissues. Lifting and lowering weights in a slow fashion also places demands upon the actual muscle fibers. This eliminates as much momentum in the movement as possible, making it more efficient.

What we do is hard work, but because of that it is brief and infrequent. We only do one set to failure. We are able to do this because we have selected an intensity that is 85% of your one rep maximum.

More importantly, we promote a sufficient recovery period. For most of our clients, that’s a seven day period. It is in the recovery stage that you are actually building muscle and getting a total metabolic improvement.

This affords our clients greater balance in their everyday lives. We are interested in progressing you to your optimal genetic capabilities safely and not wasting your time or money.

Too good to be true? Believe it or not, it’s physiology. Did you know your body only requires 6-9 minutes a week of high-intensity exercise? At Strength Training DC, we choose intensity and efficiency over volume and frequency. We design safe, effective programs tailored to help each client achieve their health and fitness goals.

We obey the laws of physics, which tell us moving slower is safer. By moving slower, we also eliminate momentum, isolating and placing maximum demands on the muscle fibers—making your workout more effective.

We move briskly from movement to movement for increased metabolic effect. Minimizing time between exercises causes muscles to fatigue faster, enhancing the growth stimulus.

We count seconds, not reps. This allows us to measure your progress with more precision.

You will exercise briefly until total muscle failure, which is the stimulus for the biological and chemical adaptations you seek.

Even though the workout is brief, we are able to cover the entire body with several machines.

“Intensity is one of the hallmarks of what we do. Research has proven that we must cross a certain intensity threshold to elicit changes in skeletal tissues. What many people fail to understand is that this can be achieved without unnecessary force and damage to these tissues. Proper strength training is safer and more efficient than steady-state “cardio” exercise because it eliminates unnecessary force. Forces such as fast movements and compression break down skeletal muscles and joint tissues over time, leading to injury. Proper strength training will also grant you the same, if not more metabolic enhancement, such as aerobic or “cardio” conditioning, than steady-state activities like running or cycling. The muscles are the gateway to all of the bodily systems including your metabolism. By placing demands upon the muscles, you are requiring your body to respond and adapt. “  – Arthur Jones